Saturday, October 10, 2009

The best days.

In the midst of the move, we've had the ability to rummage through a lot of old pictures, cards, and other sentimental pieces. In essence, this has made me ten times more emotional. In many ways, I wish I could go back to being a little kid, carefree and concerned not with the things I am facing today, as an adult. Time flies, huh? I dearly treasure my childhood memories. My sisters and I were so close. My parents always loved each other and provided more than we needed. So blessed.

So, without further adieu, here are a few photos I figured I would share with you of "little Amber" and her dear sisters/family...

Me at Chucky Cheese circa 1990.

Mom, Dad, Ash and I. (I'm on Mom's lap and Ash is on Dad's)

Ticklish much?

Mom's hair was seriously rockin'. Ash and I look somewhat frightened.

Mama, Baby Ash and I

Glow Worms and Baby Alive's- Remember those, anyone!?

Cousin Ben and I havin a good time, as we always did.

Ashton and I...two peas in a pod.

Like our Little Mermaid shirts? ;) New baby sister, Hannah. We were so excited!

Matching windbreaker jumpsuits!

Yeah, I was a bride for Halloween in 2nd grade and I kind of hated it. As I approached every house for trick or treating, the homeowners would all sing "Here comes the bride...". I was shy at this age and this only made me feel very exposed and embarrassed. I remember crying about it. Hahaha. Little emotional me.

That's all for now! There are so many more pictures I would love to post but I have a lot to do, so I gotta get to it!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend thus far. If you would be inclined to post some pictures of you as a baby/little girl I would love to see!!!! So, please do! :)

Back to being emotional and sentimental. I think I'll start by having coffee with my mom...



A Moms Perspective said...

this is my favorite Post ever.
I love you! <#

A Moms Perspective said...


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw! I love looking at old photos! You were too cute as a kid!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love this post...and am so glad that I found your blog....I am enjoying a few minutes of blog hopping. I have a great giveaway on my Christmas blog that will be given away next Friday....and all you have to do is comment....... hope you will stop by.

Lindsey said...

Loved this post! Such great pictures!!

Shanny said...

Awwww thanks for sharing these, you were and still are beautiful!
Hope the coffee was enjoyable =)

Morgan said...

I love the pics, thank you for sharing Amber! You were such a cute kid and grew up to be such a beautiful adult! :) I love going through old pics of my childhood. I loved my childhood also, sooo many wonderful memories!

Elizabeth Banta said...

awww!!! Wow Amber, seeing you as an adorable widdle bride was the best, haha. It reminded me of what a gorgeous bride you are going to make someday, my doodness!!

Great pics of your family.. Your Mom is so pretty! You all favor her a lot! I could never get tired of other people's family photos lol.

OceanDreams said...

How adorable, I love it! So glad your move went well and that you were able to go down memory lane, I always looking at some old childhood photos of my past too. :)