Monday, May 3, 2010

lovely beach.

Yesterday afternoon, my love and I ventured out to Pensacola Beach for fear that it may never look the same again if things are as predicted.

We ate lunch at Sidelines and despite the dreary weather, took a very short stroll down to the water...




loves him :)

We had a nice time together.

I'm so scared of what might happen to our beaches and sea life. I'm praying that it isn't as bad as they are saying it will be.

Already, sea turtles and other various sea life are washing ashore in certain parts of Mississippi and Alabama and the coverage is heartbreaking. I hate it. :(

You should hear all the locals. It's inevitably the talk of the town here and so many are uniting to join in efforts of relief, if need be.

I certainly hope/plan to contribute should my schedule permit me to.

Happy Monday! I hope yours isn't as stormy and gloomy as mine is.


Shayla said...

I'm so sad about the oil spill :(

I LOVE the pictures you took!!!

OceanDreams said...

I too am sad about the oil spills, hopefully they put a stop to it! Wow, that is such a cool picture of a jelly fish and love your camera!! No wonder your pictures are amazing. :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm really hoping the devastation isn't going to be as bad as they're predicting.

Shanny said...

The pictures are great, glad you had a good time with Ben! I hope it took your mind off the devastation for at least a split second. It just is too sad and so unfair for the sea life =(