Sunday, May 2, 2010


As most of you know, I live in Pensacola, FL right along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Our beaches are insanely gorgeous. I am in love with our beaches and I grew up here.

This oil spill is undoubtedly tragic in every sense of the word and is threatening our beautiful beaches and marine life thus effecting our economy as a whole. We thrive on tourism and seafood. Our beaches and food attract people from everywhere.

The oil is supposed to hit our shores in full either Tuesday or Wednesday.
I could cry.

I'm so sad for the lives that were lost as a result of this explosion and I'm also saddened by the cause and effect that this is going to have on America as a whole.

Many efforts are being made to prevent this from being as detrimental as most are predicting.

I do realize that this is effecting many coasts but this just hits too close to home.

So sad.

RIP Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola Beach- April 2010


alyssa said...

so sad!!!!!! i got married on the beach at ft. walton! we go back every summer!

Cole said...

so so sad. :(

OceanDreams said...

It is so very tragic, I hope they try to stop it or try and save our ocean life. :(

Shanny said...

This really is very sad =(