Friday, November 21, 2008

Mixed emotions

Christmas lights are going up around here as people all across Pensacola have already begun to "Deck the Halls". Driving home after work makes me smile as I pass the many homes in our neighborhood who have gotten a jump start on their christmas decor this year. Frosty, Santa, reindeer statues and lights adorn yards and front porches simply inciting a smile across your face as you drive by. Yes, this time of year has rolled around yet again. I love it. Let's not push Thanksgiving aside though! I do so much love Thanksgiving and it seems to always get a little neglected as Christmas follows close behind and ultimately triumphs. They're both amazing holidays and my absolute favorites but Thanksgiving comes FIRST ;)

Not really much to report here.

I'm in denial about my dog. I came home last night after work and she was sitting in the window barking as she does every night that I come home. Her ears perked, tail wagging and with happy little eyes she greets me. I immediately knelt to pet her and tears instantly filled my eyes. The thought of coming home to no bark (as annoying as it is sometimes) and no immediate welcome makes my heart hurt. I still love that little dog. Thankfully, we have a cat who has really captured our hearts but dogs are just different. I do love my cat very much though and I am so thankful that we have him. It will be weird for him as well. They play together a lot. I've already told my mom that I do not want to be at the house when the family comes to get her. I can say my goodbyes before but I just can't bear to watch another family come and happily take "my" dog. It would be way too upsetting for me. So, I'll leave before they come and probably won't even want to come back home after that. My eyes are watery just thinking about it. I don't like this one bit.

This has been a really crappy week. I don't really see it getting much better either.

Hopefully Thanksgiving will help get everything off of my mind. It's like one minute I'll be completely happy and then, boom I'll get a sudden urge to cry. Or one minute I'll be quiet and softspoken and then something minor will set me off. I am not bi-polar- I'm just having an emotional week and all areas of my life seem to be a little crazy and unsettled right now. At least it's Friday...


Karen said...

I think we all have those up and down weeks. I can go from having the worst day of my life to being in the happiest mood ever, in the same day. I'm not bipolar either, just me! :)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

I am so excited for Thanksgiving!! :)

mrs.leah.maria said...

I'm so sorry my dear.

Ophelia said...

:( Sorry about your crummy week hun. I've missed your blogging!

Vicki said...

I know how you feel. Those emo times are awful to deal with.
We just have to find something to occupy our minds with ~ distraction.
That works for me. If I am busy enough, that sometimes works. Other times, it just has to take its course.
Like when my sister moved to Chile. I think from June 14th to the 30th it was just awful.
I would be fine and then in tears the next minute. But with alot of patience from hubby and kids, we all got thru it.
Praying for ya!