Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh dear...

My reasoning for the lack of posting is attributed to being SWAMPED at work. Quite literally. I barely even had time to go to lunch today. I finally was able to go get lunch around 3:10 today. So, as you can tell I have been M.I.A but it's not because I want to be! It seems as though I have been taking the most difficult route possible when it comes to certain things, though not purposely. I suppose my thought process is, "If it doesn't stress me out to the max, give me a stomach ache and cause me to miss my lunch hour than I must not be working hard". Sheeesh! The insurance business can be brutal.

I miss reading your posts, my friends! I'm still here!!

I really do want to write more but my eyes hurt and so does my head and I don't think I can look at a computer screen for another second!

(So much for "deep post" promise.)

Much love to you all!!



EastofKnoxville said...

Oh darlin! I can sympathize with this feeling. Keep your head up. Soon things will slow down.

Good Luck!

Lindsey said...

Aww i hope you get some good rest and things slow down soon friend!