Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Idol opinions.

Did anyone catch American Idol last night? Was anyone else completely creeped out by Adam Lambert's Middle eastern rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"? What a joke. The howling and gestures he made were enough to make me cringe with dissatisfaction. Kara stated it pretty well as she called it "confusing".

I think my favorite performances of the night were surprisingly, Anoop Desai's version of "You're Always on My Mind" and Kris Allen's take of "Make you Feel My Love". These two definitely scored great praise after their performances, which was very much deserved.

I still love Lil Rounds and think she did a wonderful job despite the criticism she recieved. The girl's got some pipes! She obviously ain't no country singer. However, she did the song justice.

Paula, what exactly did you mean when you said that the piano is a "crutch" for Scott McIntyre?? I especially loved the fact that Simon summed up his performance as being a bit of "this" (as he motions his hand over his head). Have you two not learned anything from Ryan's high five doom?

Yes, Megan Joy did a fanstastic job even though she had the flu but I just can't help but get somewhat annoyed at her little hip swings after so much. She is a really unique vocalist and to me sounds like she stepped out of the 1940's.

My prediction is that Michael Sarver will get the boot tonight. I really wish it would be Adam Lambert, but I highly doubt it.


RunTX said...

I've been watching AI off and on, what my attention was drawn too by my daughter was Dancing with the stars...She was telling me that the girl from Dallas, that was turned down on the Bachelor is now dancing on the show..OK we can see the type of career she wants

Elizabeth said...

I watched Matt Giraurd's perfomance over and over again, it was flat out amazing. Totally rooting for him...