Thursday, March 26, 2009


Don't we all wish to dodge and escape the bruising and bitter obstacles that life constantly throws our way? I've yet to meet anyone who seeks pain or who enjoys pain. Pain causes us to react in ways in which we never thought capable. Pain has the ability of surfacing what it is that is truly inside of us. Despite its unpleasantness, pain is an important part of the existence of humans. Pain is healthy. It makes us stronger. It assures us that we're alive and it arouses our senses.

Our lives are too difficult, too easy- a paradox of crippling proportions. We're often bombarded with unfortunate circumstances that inflict a deep sense of dissatisfaction and simultaneously crush our spirits. Whether or not it pertains to our personal lives, spirtual lives, financial lives, or family lives etc. As human beings, it is impossible for us to completely avoid grief.

To forsake the painful necessary is to embrace a deadly pleasure. What I mean by that statement is this- Pain and grief are vital for our growth and maturity. If we very well shun that which is causing us to thrive, grow and progress then we will do just the opposite. It is imperative to accept the fact that there will be situations that will cause you great agony but just as important to remember that momentary afflictions do not ultimately have the ability of defeating you. You determine.

Basically, if all you ever had was good, how would you know what was bad? Without the lows, you have no way of knowing and appreciating the highs.

Life is brought forth through immense pain and agony. The perfect example for me to give in this case would obviously be birth. We all know that labor during childbirth is extremely painful and uncomfortable, almost unbearable. (I realize that I have not experienced this first-handedly but we all know it's truth and fact) It's somewhat complex but it's evident that through pain, life is brought forth.

You will find that the way out of the pain is through it.

There is really no easy way out. Quite often, we seek an escape route and in the end it tends to only cause us more grief. In times of great turmoil, it's natural to want out but there is a process that must not be aborted. Time is the essence of what will spring forth from your hour of utter darkness and suffering.

"After we have suffered, the God of all grace will restore, establish and strengthen us. God promises us that our suffering will ultimately be followed by glory." -1 Peter 5:10


Sarah said...

I so needed to hear that. It is undoubtedly true. I want to run away every time something painful comes my way, but the truth is, that is really when my relationship with God is strengthened. It is at it's best when I am at my weakest. I am still not at the point where I can easily welcome struggle, disappointment, pain or grief, but I know that God is with me the entire time.

Darla collins said...

thank you Amber, well spoken and so true "the only way out of pain is through it." Wow! How did my little girl get so wise? I love you! This post really reminded me of something that grandma would write and some of your Daddy is in there too!

Shanny said...

Amber you are absolutely inspiring!!!
This post carries so much truth to it and sometimes we forget that we have to appreciate everything life offers us... including the pain.

Thank you for reminding me that its ok and that its important to push through it. All of a sudden I feel so much positivity... =)

Lindsey said...

What an amazing post. I really needed to read this today.

Heather said...

Left you an award on my blog :)

Andrea said...

Like the others, I needed to hear this as well. It appears as though God has given me a season of pain and grief right now, however your reminder gives me joy that he's working on my soul and will ultimately take all my pain and suffering away!

shrever87 said...

Amber..I know I say this all the time, but I cant help it, it becomes more and more true every passing day..You are amazing and I am so very blessed to have you for a friend. You encourage me and help me to see things through a different viewpoint. You are such an amazing woman of God and I have learned so much through not only your blogs, but watching you live them out...I love you Ber and I cant wait to see you! Only 11 more days! :)