Monday, March 16, 2009


So, I receive a call at work today at approximately 4:00 pm from a lady who asks, "Is Ms. Collins working today?" To which I reply, "yes" and she abruptly hangs up the phone. I found it to be a bit odd but go about my business.

4:05 pm- A big scary looking guy who looks quite familiar walks in and hands me a dozen roses. I am with a customer, so I take the flowers and smile thinking of course he must be the delivery guy. The first thought that popped into my head was "They must be from my Parents."

Upon exiting, the man states, "I really hope you like the card I picked out for you."

Chills instantly ran up and down my spine and I froze. The customer sitting in front of me asked if I was okay. I answered very coldly, "I think".

Then it hit me. He must be the one that used to call me and text me from unknown numbers when I worked at the Spanish church. He also must be the one who left me weird notes and objects such as stuffed animals and weird jewelry on my car.

I opened the card to read a very strange message imprinted inside about this strange man's feelings toward me and how he daydreams about me. ?????

What in the heck is this?!

I'm a little freaked out and do not like the way that I feel right now, not one bit.

I especially don't like the fact that he knows where work and how in the world did he know it was my birthday?!!??!


Sarah said...

Please be careful whatever you do and wherever you go!! That is creepy....

Shanny said...

That is so scary! I had an issue like that years ago but thankfully after I left that job he was left behind.
I pray that this guys realizes that you are not interested and goes on about his life. Please have everyone that surrounds you know about him and probably get a panick alarm on your car or pepperspray.
I'm so freaked out for you, I can't imagine how you must feel =(

Anonymous said...

I'd call the police and report it to them.

I had a similar issue only the guy was leaving me p*rn*graphic pictures too... YUCK! I had to drive my dad's truck to work to change up what vehicle I was driving... Scary stuff!

Make sure someone walks you to and from your car!

Paula Hickson Photography Blog said...

wowzers!!!!! very scary!!!!!