Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the adventures of.

Oh, I almost forgot!
This past weekend, my friend Alex and I went on a little adventure. Alex is my sickeningly gorgeous and sweet cuban friend pictured below.

We went to the beach. You know, the ones that are supposedly going to be ruined by sludgy, yucky, gross, sticky, thick oil from that spill in the gulf? I think I'm still in denial, even AFTER stepping in said oil/tar ball. Yes, I stepped in it. On my beach. Proof. Gross. Not cool. At all. I had to scrub scrub scrub it off.

It started raining HARD. It was pouring, like little bullets shooting my skin. It was cold, actually. I was shivering. Alex said "Let's get in the water". I thought, "I don't want tar in my hair" but we got in anyway.

We ran to the bathrooms to wait out the rain so we could get in our cars and drive home but the rain just would not let up, so I got the bright idea to run as fast as I could on the boardwalk to the parking lot. No sooner did I take off did I slip and take the hardest fall I've ever experienced. The right on your tail, legs go out from under you, see stars kind of fall. In the rain.

I wanted to cry but instead, I laughed. Alex laughed even harder. I would have much rather had her point of view.

It was a rainy, oily, bruised up Saturday spent with a wonderful, beautiful friend. What more can you ask for? Really?


Shayla said...

your friend is gorgeous!!!

the oil spill makes me so sick :(

sorry you busted it out there!! I've sooooooo done that!!!!

OceanDreams said...

Glad you had a nice time with your friend despite the oil, yuck! That is so infuriating, I hope it improves over time!