Friday, June 4, 2010


The oil from the BP gulf spill has unfortunately reached our shores as of this morning. Tar balls started washing ashore Pensacola Beach today.

I could cry.

I don't understand how they still have not stopped this leak. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

These pictures are from the impact the oil has had on Louisiana. God forbid it gets that bad here, too.

Seriously, this breaks my heart. This is tragic in every sense of the word.

News reports are saying if our shores suffer damage as severe as Louisiana has, we may never see our gorgeous white beach and emerald green waters again in our lifetime. Such a shame. What really saddens me, though is all of the wildlife that have suffered and will suffer from this awful contamination.

Businesses everywhere have already starting making claims for lost revenue, many have cancelled reservations for summer vacations and seafood markets fear their livelihoods are in serious jeopardy.

I'm not really one that harps on sensationalism but when people say that this story is sensationalized, it kind of irks me. Look at the disaster this has become and the long term effects it is going to have on every thing and everyone along the gulf coast and even, possibly, the whole United States. It's tragic, people. We're completely ignorant to think otherwise.

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Thinking Out Loud said...

This makes me so sad too! I have a lot of family in Pensacola and this is just devastating. I am praying that this leak can be stopped and cleaned up soon!