Monday, June 14, 2010


Um, lesson learned.

I'm one of those grossly annoying people pleasers. Yes, it's true. I'm sorry. I know, it's ridiculous and at times extremely inconvenient. Such as, this very weekend.

I was appproached by an insured of ours and asked if I would keep their children for a weekend. This past weekend, to be exact. I didn't want to do it but of course stated that I would.


Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend. Have you ever seen the show "Hoarders"? Um, yes. I stayed in a house like that for two nights with 3 of the most wild children on the planet.

I might be traumatized. Yeah, I think I am.

There are simply no words to do it justice.

All I can say is, I do not understand how people can live like that. It's amazing to me the lifestyles that some people CHOOSE. Yes, it is a choice.

I made it out alive and I am exhausted beyond belief this morning but I survived. I've never been so happy to see a Monday morning in all my life. Ever. Thank you Jesus for Monday.

Positive spin- My best friend, Beth moved back here on Saturday night and SURPRISED everyone. She came to the house I was babysitting at and totally shocked me. It was amazing. I am so happy. Beyond happy, really.

I get to see Ben in 4 days and then he will come home with me. That is making me really happy!

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was better than mine was. Yikes.


Andrea said...

Ew! Sorry you had to spend a weekend in such gross conditions. And I like that IS a choice.

Ben's home in 4 days?!?! That went fast. Hope it's a happy reunion :)

suzy said...

i'm a people pleaser too.
glad you survived!!

Sarah xo said...

Agh! Hyper, crazy kids is not not not the way I'd pick to spend my weekend. My sympathies, my dear! I am exactly the same, and I just KNOW I would have said yes too. I can't say no to people because I hate it when people think bad of me. Bad times! xo

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Ohhh I can't watch that show! It really disturbs me. That's great that you're going to see the bf!

OceanDreams said...

Glad you get to see Ben soon and wow that does sound like a lot of work, you're all set to be a mom someday, lol! Though, I think your kiddos would be better behaved. ;)