Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday, thank God. Or not?

Friday, Friday, Friday.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

Sappy, Sappy, Sad, Sad.

You like my glasses, though?

Got my hair did last night. No more trashy mud trail roots for me. Yes, i highlight my hair. Don't you judge me for that.

No weekend for me. I agreed to housesit/babysit for a family with 3 kiddos whom I don't even know. I'm crazy. Ah well, let's spin the positive- the money. The money will be nice and is greatly needed at this time in my life. So, it will be fine and dandy. I'll refrain from complaining...

All except for the fact that I was kindly notified YESTERDAY that my family and some dear friends will be in Atlanta tomorrow AND I have a free ride there and back with friends here. Not only will my sisters and friends be there but my best friend LIVES there AND Ben is playing 30 miles away from there. Really? Timing is pretty awesome in life, eh?

I listened to Anathallo on my way to work this morning and it put me in a really good mood. Something about it just makes me happy. Did you know that their name is derived from a greek word meaning, "renew, refresh or bloom again"? I thought that was pretty awesome.

My hair is straight today and I always feel better about myself with straight hair for some reason. I'm too lazy to do it but when it's done, it feels so good.

It's a "good music, feel alive, straight hair, not gonna cry about what I can't do tomorrow" kinda day. Rejoice with me. Oh Friday.


Cole said...

Hoping it turns out to be a pretty awesome weekend anyway. I use to give my pictures the vintage poloraid look. :)

suzy said...

oh no!! that's the pits about your timing clashes. rats.
BUT. i agree with you on anathallo. so so so good. have you ever seen them live? yikes. :)