Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exercise and eating habits...

I attended spin class at the gym again last night. 2 weeks in a row! I'm on a roll, ya'll!! (Yes, I say "ya'll"...I'm a southerner and darn proud of it!) I've made a promise to my body that I would get her back in shape and I made a goal to attend spin at LEAST once a week, if not twice. So far, so good. I always feel like I really work out when I do that class, moreso than when I follow my own routine. Perhaps the lack of breaking and the urge to push through when you see everyone else going 90 mph has something to do with it. I refuse to be left behind so I'm forced to get my butt in gear! It's rather fun as well. Fun music, adrenaline and lots of energy! My leg muscles are severely strained and hurting like nobody's business. I'm most definitely feeling the (good) consequences. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend! You will not be disappointed and you will get a good work out!

I am really trying to actually use my gym membership who so generously deducts that nice amount out of my bank account each month. It's a shame that I have not taken full advantage of the membership that I pay for and I am determined to change that entirely. I need to work out and not just because I'd like to shed a few pounds but also because it just makes me feel better altogether.

I'm definitely no health nut and my eating habits are TERRIBLE. I rarely eat breakfast because the thought of food at 6:00 am literally makes me ill. I go to lunch at 2:00 pm everyday and by that time I am starving, so I eat whatever we have at the house of which is easy and quick and that usually comes down to mac and cheese, leftovers from the previous night, PB&J (I actually LOVE PB&J) or just whatever I can find (and is hardly ever healthy). Come dinnertime, I am not the least bit hungry simply because I have eaten just a couple hours before during my late lunch hour. So, at around 9:00pm-10:00pm I get really hungry again and of course, that is the WORST time to eat! How do I change this?! I have tried, really. But once those later hours roll around, I just want to binge on any food I can find and it is utterly awful simply because most of the time it is junk and I tend to ashamedly consume fairly large portions. Oh the shame. =/

I want to be a healthy eater, I really do. I love various vegetables and fruits but I also love sweets and candy =/ haha. I often skim all of these healthy blogs, vegan blogs, and vegetarian blogs and get all inspired to start eating healthier and then wham, I get a craving for something not so healthy and completely give in. (Would you believe that someone just came in my office with a bucket FULL of halloween candy and chocolate and insisted that I grab tons of it, in which I did. For shame.)

I'm pathetic.

I'm motivated.

I'm hungry.

I want chocolate!

I hate chocolate.

I'm starving.

I'm never eating again.

It's a vicious cycle, my friends.

Does everyone struggle with this or were you all just born healthy?


Andrea said...

SNORT! I WISH I was naturally a healthy person..but I'm not :( I too get tempted by all those goodies.

On the other hand, I do make a conscious effort to eat a healthy breakfast [oatmeal, cereal or toast] and I always pack at least 2 types of fruit in my lunch. It's effort but I suppose it's worth it.

My body misses the gym like crazy!! I was a gym rat back in the day. And right before our wedding I never felt better [and skinnier!]. But working a full time job and wanting to be with the hubby has taken priority and as much as I want this to change, I don't want to just squeeze in an hour or two at night with Jim. I'm still trying to figure out a way to fix this. [And no..morning workouts are a no go]

aMbErDeNaE said...

Im pretty sure everyone lives in that vicious cycle! I cant eat breakfast early either, its just not natural! Yuck! I eat really late too, but Ive heard small meals all day are way better! If your looking for a healthy snack, I love frozen grapes! It sounds a little weird, but it is the best! It's the next best thing to a popsicle!:)
xo a

Sarah said...

Good for you for getting back to the gym. I, sadly, have only been to the gym once in 3 months. I am ticked at myself for being so lazy!

I always have high hopes for eating healthier, but, that doesn't happen too often. I know what you mean about eating breakfast--I can't, unless I am off for the day or working a night shift. Then I can eat later in the morning, and actually eat healthy (fruit, whole grain toast, etc.).

mrs.leah.maria said...

Lol it's a balancing act isn't it? For me the food is critical, because I love working out. Now I'm not saying I don't have to put effort into actually working out, but I really do love it. I love what it does for my mind, so in all reality it's the food I need to tackle.

And while I don't have the verses, I know that God intended us to eat to our fill, the good fruits of the land and I try to keep that in mind.

Karen said...

Oh yes, I have a very similiar problem. I manage to achieve eating a lot of small meals in one day, but I am horrible at eating late. I probably eat around 10/11 sometimes only because I have work so late that I'm starving when I get home.

Maybe you should try bringing your breakfast and lunch with you to work, that way you won't be waiting until you get home to eat. Try to bring yourself some snacks too!

As far as the gym, you go girl! It's so hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym. If I didn't do Jazzercise and soccer I would be a lazy, lazy person! You have to find something you love to do (exercise wise) to really get yourself into a healthy habit!

TGIF and Happy Halloween!

abby said...

Haha I have that same inner struggle all the time! Way to go on getting to the gym - spinning is HARD WORK! I've only gone once and I thought I was never going to walk again :)

Sea-Squared said...

Nice job on the spin class! It's such a great workout! Good job at getting back in the gym. I'm also doing the same and lovin' it!

I struggle with being healthy as well. I love eating crap - fast food in particular.

Elizabeth said...

Hey a friend of mine does those spin classes too! She said she burns like 400 calories ea time or something!?? I would love to try one out, our gym has them too.. it's just a matter of making yourself actually GO! haha.
I think all of us can really relate to the crappy eating habits though, it's hard man! I would definitely start eating some breakfast though if I were you. B/c your metabolism is strongest for roughly 8 hours from the time you wake up in the morning. (and that time can extend some 2+ hours just by adding exercise in the evening as well!) so when you're eating @ 8, 9, 10PM it's really the worst thing to do b/c the rate at which your body burns calories has decreased SO much by this time of the evening. Anyway, I would just start with a small breakfast and then work your way up to a bigger one in a few days or week. (I had to do it too, I can't stand big meals real early!! sick!) Now I can't really function w/out eating a bowl of oat meal and some fruit everyday :) (I love quaker instant oatmeals mixed w/soy milk.. it's soo yummy)
You should also think about packing yourself a snack for when you're @ the office, or even driving on your way home. Even a protein bar from Target would be better then nothing! Certainly better then a hand full of Halloween candy!! lol..(And remember Christmas is coming - it only gets harder @ work this time of year!! everyone is usually bringing in SOME form of sugar to work everyday! haha. been there!!) But anything (good) you eat every 2-3 hours or so will also help your metabolism stay it's strongest.

k, I'll shut up now lol..
gl to you!! you look great btw!! :)

Morgan said...

I wish I was born healthy!! Ugh, far from it so don't feel bad!