Friday, October 24, 2008

I have problems...


Remember this? That procedure was well over 2 months ago and I STILL have numbness in my lip from it that seems to be getting worse as time progresses =/ I've called my dentist and they stated that it's a bruised nerve. Uhhh, okay. Well, will it ever actually un-bruise and feel NORMAL again?? I hate this. I hate the dentist and I hate having a numb bottom lip. I know that there are surgical procedures that can be done to repair it but I think I'd rather put up with a numb lip than have surgery. Odd, I know but that is just the way that I am.

My contact lenses suck. I buy them at least once every three months when they are supposed to last 6 and they cost quite a bit! It's so annoying. I use Acuvue Advance because I have horrible astigmitism and these are supposedly better for that problem...NOT. My left contact always gets cloudy after about 3 days of wearing it which is NOT cool. I do what every contact wearer is supposed to do, take them out every single night, thoroughly clean them, daily change the solution in which they soak in overnight and I even buy the most expensive saline solution! I have very sensitive eyes and I can't use the cheap stuff. However, after all of that, this problem presumes. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the actual contact brand. I'm just so sick of it. Any other contact wearers out there who face this problem?

In short, I have a numb bottom lip and a cloudy left eye causing slightly blurred vision...awesome.

I guess it could be a lot worse...

At least it's Friday.


Mitzy said...

Hey there,
Sorry you are having a bad day..
I have never heard of that happening with a lip , after Dental work.. maybe call around to a few oral surgeons and get a few different opinions?

I am a contact wearer as well, I have a slight astigmatism, but Im able to get away with the cheaper contacts.. I buy mine at walmart, acuvues.. You should tell your eye Dr what has been going on, and have him give you a few differnt styles of contacts to try out..He should give them to you for free, and then you can decide which works best for your eyes, before you invest in a new kind..( tell him to throw in a few bottles of contact solution as well)..
I use the Walmart or target brand No rub solution.. it seems to work really well.. I have used other cheaper brands and they irritate my eyes..

Hope all this helps..

Have a Great weekend!!!!!

Katie Fitzpatrick said...

Hi Amber,

I have a severe astigmatism as well and the annoying dry, sensitive eyes.
I think this is what I bought last time:

acuvue oasys. I'm a bad patient, I took my prescription and matched it to the closest one I could find to get this brand. You know what? It worked. It's more important to me to not have cloudy yucky contacts that you have to throw away after a minute than to have one that helps to "fix" my astigmatism. What happens when people only wear glasses? Their astigmatism doesn't get fixed!! Now I'm not one that says sleep in your contacts 24/7 for weeks on end, I think that is nuts - infection, whatever. But I so KNOW what you're going thru with this.

Now, Can't say I can empathize with the lip thing. But I was in a car accident about 11 years ago and the top of my right calf is still numb! and it still feels like a bruise when I touch it. I hafta say tho - better there than my lip. That was in broward county fla. your territory!!

Praying for you my dear. Katie

PS I suppose the right thing would be is to say "talk to your dr. about acuvue oaysis." But - I'm thinking the right thing is, buy one box of each. $25 bucks. On sale, now. What have you got to lose!!! Bless you. :)