Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a lovely one. I spent time with my dear friend, Meagan. We haven't had much time to catch up lately and it was long overdue. We were able to squeeze in some shopping, ultimately resulting in major spending on my part. =/ I am a sucker for sales, it doesn't even have to be something I particularly love for me to get excited, especially when a shirt is $5.99! I just love getting good deals, really. I got an adorable, long, somewhat oversized dark gray cardigan from Gap for a mere $8.99! I seriously considered purchasing every color they offered as I loved the style and fit. I kind of wish I had now that I think about it. I also bought skinny jeans for $6.99! I was so excited about this find because I am VERY picky about skinny jeans. They have to be a dark wash and fit a certain way for me to like them and the very ones that were on sale fit and looked perfect and to top it off, they were a size 3! My lucky day! I know that I have definitely not lost any weight recently, so I'm pretty certain that they may have been tagged wrong, hence the "sale". Who knows.

Shopping is very therapeutic for me which is NOT always a good thing especially when you're trying to save money. I digress.

Meg and I drove out to Daphne, Alabama for church on Sunday morning. I had not been in a very long time and it was really great to see people whom I have not seen in what seems like ages!

It's a very long and complicated story of how I am connected with this church. I am not going to go into depth about it because you will be confused out of your mind and it would take me forever. This pastor used to be the Pastor of Brownsville Assembly of God, the church I began attending in 1996 during a nationally known "Revival". God changed my whole family during those years and my dad ended up graduating in the Pioneer Class at BRSM (Brownsville Revival School of Ministry). He would commute back and forth during the week and weekends from our home in Sopchoppy, FL (Tallahassee Suburb) for two years. He graduated in 1998 and was asked to come on staff at the school as the head of Pastoral Care, eventually taught classes and acquired many other titles throughout the years. Well for times sake, after 2 church splits and us ending up leaving and coming back within the span of 3 years- my dad became the Pesident of the school. The Pastor has changed 3 times within the last 5 years and yeah it's all really crazy and totally complicated. So, the original Pastor, John Kilpatrick is now the Pastor of a church in Alabama and most of the people whom I grew up in church with at Brownsville go there while all the people at Brownsville now are newbies. Crazzzzy. It's a crazy life we've lived, I'm tellin ya!

So, every once in a great while I will make the 45 minute drive from P-cola, FL to Daphne, AL to get my crazy blast from the past, see familiar faces and hear a good sermon from Pastor K. who really is awesome.

After church we went to lunch with some old friends and met a new friend named Brittany who is so totally sweet! It was a lot of fun and the fellowship was great. We went shopping at the outlets in Malbis (as if I needed to do anymore shopping!) and what do you know- Charlotte Russe was having a massive sale! I bought 2 handbags and a shirt for $16.00! Yes, all their handbags were on sale for $4.99 and again, I was tempted to purchase every single one of them! Come to think of it, they would have made for great Christmas gifts! Dang.

After our shopping adventures and fabulous finds we headed on over to Bass Pro Shop aka "Bubbaville". If you have never been inside a Bass Pro shop, you must! It is phenominal. I had been to one in Charlotte, NC before but this one even surpassed that one! I felt like a little kid in that store and wanted to run around crazy, walk through every display and try on camo! It was great. They have an indoor waterfall and a huge aquarium filled with huge fish! It was fun and we walked around there until my feet could not handle it anymore! I wore pointy heels and between all the walking at the outlets and there, the life had been sucked out of my poor feet and they were screaming for relief.

Random sidenote- I am really into the oversized knit cardigans right now and I want one in every color! They are so cute with skinny jeans and boots, don't you think? Gray is not my most favorite color but lately I have really taken a liking to it. I just love the style and fit of this cardigan...I love long sweaters! Not to mention, they can be very slimming as well.

I could very well go on. My style and taste is so very versatile. I love being casual and comfortable and I also love dressing up and looking chic. Vintage is fun and yet classy/business dress is great as well! My closet has such a variety which I love! I get paid Thursday and due to some recent loans and applications I've done I am expecting a generous bonus! I do not need to do anymore shopping, yet I know I will..."sigh".

That was a very random blog. Then again, I am a very random girl, seriously.

I hope you're all having a spectacular week! Mine is off to a good start, so far! =)

Much Love,


Mitzy said...

Ok, I would LOVE to wear ANYTHING that says "skinny" on it! but somehow I just dont think they would have the same affect on my post- baby butt yet!!

and as for the size "3".. you know I officially dont like you right now right??...HAHAHA..
Im just kidding!.. enjoy that cute body!!.. I remember when I had one ..ahhh, the good old days..(sniff sniff)..:-(.. haha

Sounds like you had a Fabulous weekend and great times!!! That is awesome!!!

Andrea said...

Ooohh..I love finding deals too!! Although I'm trying my hardest to not spend..I'm desperate for some more camera equipment so I'm trying to save and justify the hefty expenses :)

Karen said...

You are an amazing bargain shopper! I need to come down there so you can show me all of these awesome deals! :)

I'm glad you blogged, your audience was getting restless.

Leah said...

Great job with the bargain shopping! I'm trying not to shop too, but there are so many cute things out for fall right now! I've been pondering an oversized cardigan to wear belted... maybe now I will go out and look for one this weekend.

Sea-Squared said...

Nice job on the sales! I'm soooo jealous - this spending freeze that I challenged myself to is killing me. I love how cardigans have made quite the comeback - they are so comfy and stylish - either dressed up or down.