Monday, October 13, 2008


A place once safe, where freedom was found and peace encountered. Where morals and values prevailed in our lives, homes, communities, jobs, marriages and families. Love was encouraged and the act of building one another up was practiced. Life was sacred and valued and was lived to the fullest degree of productivity in every aspect. The Bible was not just found in almost every home, but read and practiced. The basis and foundation of education was this Sacred Book and it's spiritual truths. Such acts of violence, perversion and evil intent that we hear of everyday were unheard of and certainly never talked about or even considered.

Little by little, we've dismissed God from our homes, schools, workplaces and even in some aspects of our churches. We've politely preceded to allow violent murder of tiny lives as they form and grow and call it a "choice". We blaspheme God by holding sacred ceremonies of unity between two of the same sex and call it "rights". We deem the slaughter of innocent lives by producing entertainment that does so, whether it be video games, movies, photography, etc and call it "entertainment".

We only live our lives for the moment whether it be a moment of fame, power, satisfaction, gratification or wealth. We are constantly seeking pleasure no matter what pain it might entail in the end. We are a selfish culture consumed with ourselves, our wants, our needs and our desires. God forbid we take a few minutes out of our day to go out of our way to help someone.

We wonder why our lives are such a mess. We wonder why our families and marriages are broken. We wonder why children turn against their fathers and mothers. We wonder why students steep to such a level of depression, self neglect and rejection and it ultimately leads to the killing of their classmates and eventually themselves.

We've become desensitized, nothing phases us anymore and even now our homes and places of worship are not the safe havens and places of refuge as they should be. We turn on the tv, witness a tragic breaking news story and are bewildered by it's truth and reality, but we quickly forget until it occurs again just moments or days later. Then it's too late. It doesn't phase us. Life is of no value anymore.

Grieved I've become. I'm disgusted by the condition of our country and our world. What will it take to get our attention? What will it take for us to stand up? When will we wake up? When will we enforce change? My heart is broken for I fear it could be too late. We've let too much slip between the cracks.

Small and what may have seemed insignificant things kept us silent and began tragic change in this Nation. Our forefathers would be appalled at today's society. True History conveys the beauty of the founding fathers of this nation and the holiness, righteousness, Godliness and purity each man and woman possessed. This country was founded and established upon the reverent awe of God and God was sought after for wisdom in writing the constitution. We've deterred, distorted and twisted our history and look at the mess it's caused.

But you know what?

We didn't stand up like we should have, we remained silent for those who couldn't speak, we backed down, we justified impure actions and I'm so ashamed. May God have mercy on us, for that is what we need. May a holy fear of God grip our hearts and change us. May we all experience burden and grief that we've escaped. Pray for this nation, for this world we live in. Don't be ignorant to what is going on today. Only you are blamed for what you do not know. Pray for this country. Find your voice. You can make a difference.

I believe that if we begin to put our families and the value of life and morals before our pocketbooks we may begin to see a shift in things. God is more concerned about life, family, values and morals than he is your money and the condition of Wall Street. We need to re-prioritize and remember what is of utmost importance. We put our careers and our wallets before the ones who are so dear to us. When we put God first, family second and money last- He always provides. We are blessed, we are beyond blessed, really. God has given us so much and required little of us. It's time we show a little appreciation and it's time for me to really get things straight. Money isn't everything. It sure does help but my value is not in my money, savings, or investments. I will not be remembered for how much I had, but for how much I gave and to the degree I lived.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we possess, yet we hardly use it anymore.

Faith is the most important thing in my life. Without it, I am undefined, I am simply empty and lifeless. Faith gives purpose and faith redefines this dark life as we know it.

God, have mercy.


Sarah said...'ve the hit the nail on the head!

Makes me stop and think. A lot...

jaime pott photography said...

Totally makes you stop and think....what is the wrold coming to...and how can we help it!

abby said...

Really makes you think...How depressing this world would be if one didn't know what came next!