Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been tagged!

Eastofknoxville tagged me for a Meme (?)! Like her, I have no idea what a "Meme" is but I was tagged for it, haha. So, I'm doing what a tagged person does, filling this out and possibly tagging you ;)

1. Clothes Shop

Gosh, there are so many! I love Forever 21 because they have some of the cutest and fun things and it's not awfully pricey, Urban Outfitters, AE, and Charlotte Russe. I also like the Limited because for my job, the apparel is great and of course, cute! I could go on though, really. I love to shop.

2. Furniture Shop

Well I don't really shop too much for furniture seeing as I do not have a house or apartment and live at home. I do love vintage and antique furniture, my bedroom set is antique and beautiful! I love it. I also like more modern things as well. Rooms-To-Go is a fun place oh and I love Pier 1 too!! I used to work there and it was oh so fun!

3. Sweet

I do have a sweet tooth :) Cheesecake is a weakness and I love cherry cobbler and of course pretty much anything chocolate considering I'm female. haha

4. City

NYC- hands down! I've been there twice and I love it! I love the different cultures represented, the hustle and bustle, shopping, museums, food and everything! It is such a fun place to visit and I recommend that you do. I also love Washington DC. Of course my hometown of Pensacola, FL is very near and dear to my heart. I've lived here for 10 years and it is home. I love all the quirks and sights, the beach, graffiti bridge and all the other landmarks. Pensacola is a little bit of heaven and a great spot to vacation as well! I'm definitely a southern gal!

5. Drink

I drink a lot of water because it's healthy and I like it. Mama's sweet tea is the best!

6. Music

Are you serious?! I could never list it all here. My taste is music is very versatile. I love everything from worship, pop, indie, oldies, to even some country! I love music and being a musician I can learn to appreciate all types EXCEPT hardcore. I despise hardcore/scream-o music- it gives me a headache and to me there is no point to it but whatever, some kids like it. Why? I'll never know. Some of my fav bands are...coldplay, keane, sleeping at last, sigur ros, death cab for cutie, onerepublic, the gills, phil wickham, kim walker, jesusculture, jason upton, hillsong united, kari jobe, bethany dillon, nichole nordeman,, corinne bailey rae, carrie underwood, keith urban, rascal flatts, faith hill, the beatles, frank sinatra, bob marley, jack johnson, colbie calliat, jason mraz, copeland, the ember days and the list goes on forever!!! I like to find and listen to talented artists who are not known very well known and are not mainstream. Gosh this topic could very well take up this whole blog! I'll refrain for your sake though :)

7. TV Series

Law and Order, and I'm not really "sucked" into a series. I get really into American Idol when it's in season but not much else. I basically watch FoxNews religiously. I have yet to see "The Office". Isn't that pathetic?! I have got to get my hands on the first series. Oh, I also do like the OC for some strange reason.

8. Film

Loved the Notebook, makes me cry everytime. Classics are the best, for sure! :) Anything with Audrey Hepburn is great! I also love Musicals even though they can be corny.

9. Workout

Spin class!! It's a great workout and it kicks my tail, but it is so worth it and I always feel great afterwards! Speaking of, I have got to get back on schedule with that. I haven't been in weeks, for shame! I'm feeling it too =/ I love to work out once I'm at the gym, it's just a matter of getting me to the gym, haha.

10. Pastries

Hmm, I really don't know at all. I don't really eat a lot of pastries nor can I think of a specific one at the moment. Bagelheads has an amazing fruit wave cobbler bagel that is to die for!! Sooo good!!

11. Coffee

I'm a coffee addict. I love foreign coffee. I love strong coffee and of course coffee-mate must accompany in flavors hazelnut, coconut and french vanilla. During the holiday season, peppermint mocha is the best! I like starbucks but think it's overrated. $4.00 for a cup of coffee is just a bit crazy to me, although I admittedly indulge every once in a while :)

There ya have it! I fulfilled my mission in the "Meme tag!" I still don't know what "Meme" is but that is irrelevent at this point! Mission accomplished! :)

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Karen said...

Meme means same in maybe that is sorta, kinda what meme means?

Okay now I'll read your post and probably comment again!

AmberDenae said...

Haha, ohhhh okay!! Thanks! I never took french! I was a spanish gal and LOVED it! :) You're so insightful :)

Karen said...

I try to be. :)

Also, reading yours reminded me that Sabrina is my all time favorite movie! I want to go home and watch it -- right now!

I wish all of us cool cats on Blogger could go shopping together! That would be so fun1

AmberDenae said...

That would be fun!!! It's so weird to know so much about each other, yet never have met. Maybe someday, ya never know! haha

mrs.leah.maria said...

Love the meme and the additional "glimspe" into your life! :)