Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Belated recap

Of my weekend, that is.

Ben and I went antiquing all day on Saturday and we came upon some pretty fabulous things. Among them is this marvelous Polaroid Land Camera from circa 1957. It's in mint condition and I believe it works! I'm going to attempt to order the film that it takes so I can try her out.

Saturday evening, we went out to hear our friends play music as they are about to relocate to Nashville to pursue their dreams.

Alex and I

The boyfriend and I.

Jesse and I. He leaves next week :( So sad.

Jesse and Alex.

Speaking of my friends and their music, you should check them out- "The Gills". They have a fanpage on facebook.

They're in the process of spear heading a non profit organization for children with leukemia. Jesse has a story about fiercely battling leukemia.. Their cause is beautiful and there's a video on facebook that goes more in depth of what their dream and desire is. You can find it here.

I'm so proud of these guys and I know that they are going to do great things. Pensacola is going to be pretty sad when they leave.

All that to say, I had a pretty wonderful weekend. I hope you did as well.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

That camera is awesome! If it works you'll have to post the pictures!

Abbi said...

what a cool camera!
sounds like a fun weekend!
you take such great pictures!