Thursday, July 8, 2010

food and electronics.

No more cheeseburgers, french fries, cokes, chips, chocolate, etc.


"You are what you eat"- This phrase nearly terrifies me.

Why must good food be so horribly bad for you? It's a cruel and disheartening concept. So backwards.

I love green beans. Not the canned ones, the fresh ones. Sauteed in garlic and olive oil. I could eat them every day. Probably not though. Too much of anything isn't a good thing. Am I right or am I right?

I want the new iphone. I've never owned an iphone and as cliche and cheesy as it sounds, they fascinate me. My blackberry is pretty sweet but pales in comparison to a slick iphone 4G. In order to get said iphone, i must cancel my contract with verizon resulting in a 200 dollar fee (ouch) and then of course signing a new contract with AT&T and then paying out the wazoo for the new iphone. In the end, I'll probably come out of pocket at least 500 dollars if not more. Screw that. My blackberry will just have to suffice.

Wahhhh :(

Last year I spent my life savings on a Canon Rebel XSi that has fallen into category as the second love of my life since Ben came into the picture. Basically, it's my baby and I take it everywhere I go. It's been dropped a time or two (not admitting whether or not it was my fault but it wasn't both times- dangit, i just told on myself). Baby camera is sick though. Sad day. Luckily I bought one of those scam 3 year extended warranties that every store pushes on you when you purchase an electronic item that costs a mighty pretty penny. I caved and paid an insane amount for said warranty. I'm actually going to be using it though. I have to send my camera away and that frightens me but she desperately needs to get better because I'm going insane without being able to take photos.


I'd love to have a macbook. My PC has a virus. I can't afford to get it fixed.

I just don't have the best of luck with electronic items. I'm not meant for snazzy things, I guess.

Dang it.


suzy said...

my thoughts:
macbooks are AMAZING. i'm never going back to a pc. never.
i don't have an iphone either. we'll make it. :)
don't stop eating junk food. balance is key. a little of this, a little of that.
the warrenties are worth it. i worked at staples for a year, and you would not believe how worth it they are.

have a great thursday!!! :D

Me said...

I left ATT and wqe both had iphones. We went to verizon and got droid. So glad we did. Droid is waaayyy better than iphone. Couldnt be happier