Monday, July 12, 2010


My weekend was pretty grand despite having to spend a little over 300 dollars in repairs for my car. In essence, it originally was supposed to be more but they came down some. So, it was unfortunate that I had to drop that large sum of money but also a blessing because it could have been much larger. Car is all better and running great. Relief.

Saturday, I finally picked up my old cameras and camcorders that I purchased. Love them. Who knew that a bin full of old cameras and camcorders that some would deem as "junk" could ensue such excitement? I got them for really cheap. A lot of them appraise for around $55-$70 on ebay. Pretty neat-o.

Saturday afternoon, Ben came over and made me lunch! He knew that I wanted Spain to win the world cup (and I'm SO glad that they did), so he made nachos for us with the most delicious guacamole ever. Boy can cook. So sweet. We watched the World Cup match for 3rd place together and just hung out.

Nacho buffet.

Sunday, Ben came over and we watched the world cup final which wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be and it was kind of stressful. Am I right? I was, however, pleased that Spain won. They deserved it.

It was a lovely weekend, indeed.


Shanny said...

I'm so glad you got your car fixed.... for cheaper than expected... even though you had to spend some $$$.
AND Yay for getting the cameras and of course for Spain winning!

Anonymous said...

Love those cameras! Ahh!