Friday, July 16, 2010

friday randoms

1. I was late to work this morning because I was throwing up....TMI? Sorry :/ I think I got food poisoning or something of the like. Maybe not.

2. This would be me after one too many cheeseburgers. Scarrrrrry.

3. I already regret posting this picture.

4. My friend, Beth made me fat with the "fat booth" application on her handy dandy iphone and then posted this picture on facebook. I think I might have a world record of comments on it.

5. I'm ready for the weekend. Ben will be gone next weekend. He gets to go to Los Angeles. I'm not jealous at all.

6. I need a vacation and as soon as possible, please?

7. Banana peppers are delicious and they actually helped settle my stomach. Weird much? I hate pepto bismol.

8. I feel like everyone around me is getting engaged, married and/or having babies and its freaking me out. We're not old enough for this! Wait...dang...we are. Scary.

9. My new favorite snacks are snap pea crisps from publix. (In the greenwise section). Try em.

10. Look at this picture of my sister and I from 2006. I just found it on my old photobucket account. Weird.

I miss her.


Anonymous said...

I know! everyone is getting married off around me. It's so weird. We all hit this age and it's like everyone up and decided to get hitched. But I'm happy for all of my friends! :)

Katie said...

First of all... I can't believe that's Ashton, so crazy!

Second of all, this post really put into words what I've been feeling lately (the beginning). Truly. I miss you.

And last, I was JUST thinking today how weird it is that we're all so... old. It shocks me more than it makes me sad. I realize I'm married with a baby but for some reason it freaks me out thinking soon all my friends will be married and life will change once again. Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes, and it would just stop for but a moment.

Call me when Ben leaves again. We'll watch Beaches. No, for real. I mean it <3