Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reality check.

Sometimes I get really inspired to write and then when I sit down to actually spill my thoughts out- my mind goes totally and completely blank. It's quite frustrating. Words don't come as easily as they did while I was driving down the road listening to a song that moved me in some way. It's crazy how music does that to you sometimes.

Today, I'm going to simply leave you with a quote. One that you've heard probably more times than one and one that is simple yet profound. Yesterday was a prime live example of what I am about to share.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Yesterday was a bit of a drag for me. I was frustrated with things at the office, totally down that I wasn't able to accompany Ben and his family to Tennessee because of work and just had the typical 'Monday blues" and all that it entails. In other words, being kind did not come as natural as it usually does for me. Sure, I was nice and polite but not the genuine kind that it should be. I just wanted to get through the day and do it as quickly as possible.

I had two encounters yesterday that slapped me in the face and made me so very thankful that despite my immediate selfish and self pitying feelings, I was able to grasp the weight of the moment and reach out and in kindness, touch two broken souls.

One lady who had just lost her daughter 3 short days ago. She was only 28 years old. I knew her because she had insurance with us and had just seen her a month ago. Stage 4 stomach cancer. No warning- just a grim and sudden death that robbed this precious family of their loved one and a 19 month old of his mother. Heartbreaking. I reached out and wrapped my arms around this grieving Mother, my mind not able to even somewhat grasp the grieving and utter heartache she is experiencing, She gripped me tightly and whispered in my ear- "cherish those you love- never take one single day for granted with them". Hot tears streamed down my face and suddenly the little annoyances of the day were totally and completely insignificant and even, shameful to me.

Then the other- a woman who came in to purchase auto insurance with us. She was one of those ones who waited until right before 5:00 to come in. You know how it is when you're about to get off of work for the day and in trots a customer and you're like "Really? It's 4:55- we close in 5 mins?" Honestly, I wasn't really that upset by the matter. However, I was pretty ready to go home as I had been extremely emotional the entire day. Crying on and off. Something I'd much rather do privately within the confines of home. I don't like showing that emotion publicly.

Anyway, she comes in and is gasping for air, has a scarf secured tightly around her balding head and sits down with a smile stretched across her face and says "I'm sorry I'm so late. I know you're about to close but my radiation makes it difficult for me to get out in the sun." Punch in the gut number 2. I assure her that it's my pleasure to assist her and will stay as late as I need to in which she grabs my hand and states "You are a true gem and I thank you". Tears began to surface but I choked them back with great force and finished out the application process with her and chatted a bit as she goes into a little detail of the hardship and battle with cancer that she is undergoing. She thanks me again and her eyes display true appreciation. I just kept thinking of how much she had just taught me.

Right when I left work and got into my car, the floodgates opened up. I couldn't stop my flow of tears and I just kept thanking God over and over and over again for reminding me what it's all about.

It's so easy to allow our emotions, problems, situations and unforunate circumstances determine our attitudes. SO easy. However, I am abundantly thankful for the heaviness and weightiness of this lesson that I learned yesterday. It was surely heavy and it definitely made an enormous impact on me.

So, "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".


suzy said...

:) you're one of THOSE people. i had a couple of you-type people in my life on friday.
i got some weird heart-related test results back on friday and went for a long walk to clear my head after. ended up in a book store minutes before they were closing [oops. i know, i know, i hate it when people do that. :) i just wasn't, literally, thinking. i wasn't even planning on going there in the first place].
anyways, the long and short of it is that i found two old vhs tapes that i've always kind of wanted to own and grabbed them both on a whim. upon arriving at the counter, i discovered i had only enough money for one of them. i was embarrassed, and went to return one of them to the shelf when the lady behind the counter just smiled sweetly and said, "oh, dear, don't worry about it. just have them."
and i know to her it wasn't a huge thing but i grinned the whole way home, despite all the little worries crowding my brain.
i want to be one of those people to others. it's amazing, the effect it has...

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, I knew these would be impact-full, but wow!

Andrea said...

Wow, Amber...both of those stories put tears in my eyes. In fact that first one makes me want to run upstairs right now and wake Eli up from his nap so I can hug and cuddle with him.

God is so good at reminding us what life is all about :)

Manzanita said...

Nice stories. Yes, we never know what luggage others are carrying. I just popped in. I'll do it again.