Thursday, July 8, 2010

me encanta el mundo.

one time i went to mexico and walked around the city of monterrey with mexican grape soda in hand, lovely amigos at my side and my camera. i loved every second of it as well as took a gazillion and one pictures. i will share one with you.

it was beautiful as you can very well see. see?

actually, it wasn't a tourist visit by any means. the picture might have fooled you. i went there on a missions trip and it was a beautiful experience. i've been twice. both beautiful and very different experiences. heartwrenching and heartwarming all at the very same time.

i heart mexico.

i need to return.

so far i've visited italy and mexico as far as other countries go. i've barely scratched the surface on my "places to go before i die" list. luckily, i don't plan on dying anytime soon. however, the sooner i can board a plane to cross the atlantic, the better.

the world is calling my name.

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Cole said...

beautiful picture. You've been to more countries than I have. well I'm not counting Canada.