Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Once again, the sky is black today. It has rained every day this week, literally. It's good though, we've needed it for sure.

So, my boss got back from his cruise to Italy today and when i got to the office everyone was in his office listening to all the stories and hearing about all the things he got to do and see. It was pretty interesting. It brought back memories of when I went there. Italy is a wonderful place, beautiful and just absolutely amazing! I want to go back to Europe so badly. I love it there. Anyway, he brought back gifts for all of us! Isn't that so sweet? Jackie and I got these delicate little hand carved jewelry boxes and Brian got some nice Italian liquor. Seriously I am so blessed. I love my job and i like the people i work with. They're all older than me but so nice and no one talks bad about each other. It's great! I love the environment and despite the fact that some people can be testy and can get upset easily when it comes to their insurance and accounts , but the ones that come in and pay faithfully every month and are pleasant company make it so much better. In fact, just yesterday I received a sweet phone call from a lady who has her policies here and there was actually a time where she was a little preturbed about something and was considering taking her business elsewhere. I went out of my way to accomodate her and cater to every need she had when it came to her bills and you have no idea the difference that made! She has called me on two different occasions and just told me how thankful she was and how I made her want to stay with the company. You have absolutely no idea how good that makes me feel! I mean it's pretty common to have people call to complain, whine about their premiums and get upset at you for something that you had absolutely nothing to do with and is out of your hands. So when someone calls primarily to thank you it is like the best feeling in the world! I absolutely love people, I love meeting them, helping them and talking to them. It's crazy all the different encounters I've had with some while working here. I've had people sit at my desk and start crying and talking to me about very personal things. I've also had some that I just felt that instant connection with their spirits.

I am still waiting on my authorization fromTallahassee to go and get my 4-40 license. I passed all the testing and such but I have to get appointed and actually go and get the license. Then I can officially begin to sell insurance! I am pretty excited, I feel like I've actually accomplished something important =)

Well today is favorite! I have this itch to go shopping today, kind of unusual. Lately I have hated shopping for some reason! So weird. It might have something to do with the fact that I have put on a few pounds :( I am really trying to work out and eat right. I'd love to be able to fit back in my size two jeans! I get so discouraged when I have to go up a size...ahhhh! I have a gym membership but I rarely have time to go...I need to start attending the spin class once a week at least...that class will kill you! (in a good way)

Meagan (my best friend) is moving back home on sunday!! I am so excited! I love that gal.

Last night I went with Allison, Cary and Lisa to B-ville. I hadn't been there in so long! It was kind of weird. It's so crazy how something can be your entire world and life for so long (in my case more than half of my life!) and then you leave and it becomes so foreign to you. What used to be my home away from home is more like a place I don't recognize anymore. It's so sad. I mean I have nothing against anything there and I still love everyone but it's just so different! I sometimes wish I could go back to those good old days. It was crazy seeing everyone and they were all really sweet. We got wristbands to go to BBF. I think I've been to every BBF since like 2000. Wow, those conferences were the highlight of my year as a teen. I lived for summer youth camp and Branded by Fire youth conferences! I loved being apart and giving of all my time to help and stay up until 5 am vacuuming and setting up chairs with this crazy excitement inside of you and then when 3,000 kids would flood through the doors and the whole place would erupt in prayer and worship. Nothing like it. I loved those days. I was so fortunate to be apart of such a great youth group with amazing leaders.

God did a lot inside of me through all the years I was at brownsville. I treasure that place dearly. It's sad how man can so easily corrupt and ruin what God does. But we're human, we're prone to pride. God has a way of humbling us though and despite all the crap that happened I really believe that he has done and is doing restorative work inside of a lot of people.

I am not one to judge the motives of man's hearts, I can judge their works but not their hearts. Only God has the ability to see what is truly on the inside. The inward motives of our hearts, our selfish ambition pride, and even ulterior motives. "The heart is deceitful above all things.", how true that verse is.

Well, I guess I better conclude before this gets even more jumbled up. My mind is all over the place today, can you tell?

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!


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