Thursday, June 19, 2008


I live: In pensacola
I work: At a State Farm Insurance Agency
I think: about things way too much
I smell: the air freshener at the office
I listen: to music all the time
I hide: my feelings a lot
I walk: everyday
I write: a lot, it's one of my favorite things to do
I see: this survey
I sing: every day!
I can: play the piano
I watch: the news every morning
I daydream: too much
I fall: when i trip
I want: to know God more
I cry: alone
I read: books
I love: my family and friends
I rode: in my car today
I sometimes: bite the inside of my cheek
I fear: losing someone I love
I hope: to get married someday
I eat: anything
I drink: water
I miss: my grandma
I forgive: because it makes me better
I drive: everyday
I lost: my earrings
I dream: every night
I kiss: hahaha no one
I hug: everyone
I have: so many things to be thankful for
I remember: my childhood very well
I don't: want to grow up
I believe: in God
I owe: on my car
I know: that I am loved
I hate: it when people lie to me
I wish: i could go on vacation right now
My ex: is my ex
Maybe I should: eat healthier
People would say that I'm: nice ? I hope
I don't understand: a lot of things
Life if full of: adventure, surprises and pain
My past is: my past, I've learned from it
I get annoyed when: I am lied to
Tomorrow: is Friday, thank God!
Never in my life have I: smoked a cigarette
When I was younger, I: was inseperable from my sister
When I'm nervous: I'm quiet

When I was 5: I was carefree and had no worries or fear, i was queen of the castle
My life is not complete without: Jesus
If you visit my hometown: I won't be there
I once dreamt that: I could fly
The world could do without: drugs
If I ever go back to school: I'll be come a teacher or pediatrician
And, by the way: smile :)

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