Monday, June 23, 2008

Quite Terrifying

I'm certainly not one to dwell too intensely upon public affairs or politics but I do not ignore them or drown them out with everything else that my little bubble of a world is made up of.

Uhhh, have you been following the news lately?

Okay, so maybe it is adult-ish to watch the news every morning with coffee in hand before I leave for my office job. I guess now that I am an adult I should intend on acting like one. I think we should be concerned about what is going on in this present election. I am alarmed at the fact that a man such as Barack Obama is even a candidate, it blows my mind. I am not one bit prejudice, I have nothing against the man's pigment but I do have a problem with his superior attitude and the fact that the man has the audacity to stand during the pledge of allegiance or national anthem and not show an ounce of respect by placing his hand over his heart. The fact that he was mentored by a man who has boldly proclaimed that he was "Anti America". Now tell me, why would we want someone leading our country who does not believe in it? He rants and raves about this "Change We Can Believe In" but has he stated just exactly what this "change" is? He is a shady man. Not only that but many other figments of scary truth have made up a man whom we have come to know as the democratic candidate for the President of the United States.

I'm not as educated on this subject as I wish to be. I have read and researched a number of things regarding Obama and have found everything I read to be dissatisfying and terrifying. I do not know what the future hold for the next 4+ years but I can assure you that this is not a time to be playing around.

Our future, our children's future, and our country's future and fate hangs in the balance.

I suggest prayer, major prayer.


Jessica said...

A-MEN. This guy scares the mess out of me. Seriously. I cannot agree with you more. We could be in big trouble here, and it's immensely disturbing that so many people around us don't seem to care or notice.

AmberDenae said...

I know, it's very scary. You're so right, so many don't seem to care or notice. It's so sad to me.