Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Never Fails Me...

"Jesus' Blood never fails me."

This lyric and melody has been ringing through my head constantly. I'm not sure what triggered it or why but it's been a tune that seems to play over and over again in my mind.

If you think about it, singing about blood can seem somewhat gruesome and grotesque but when we sing about Jesus' blood is seems so sweet and delicately pleasing. "How precious is the flow that makes me white as snow", speaking of the blood of Jesus. We use words like precious, sweet and powerful to describe this blood that was shed so brutally. It's become something we've become contigent upon, something that blankets our sins and heals our diseases. It's become a beautiful picture of love. This flow has the ability to completely transform our hearts and lives, it can wash us of every filthy sin we've ever committed, it can cleanse our minds and thoughts which constantly corrupt our being. It purifies our hearts and our hands. It's boundaries are endless, it is not limited to anything, not any one religion or denomination. This blood applies to all of us, it is efficient, sufficient and able to do the most incredible work deep within our hearts. This cherished and highly esteemed blood can change us and make us new, it cleans our slate and brings us to our knees away from ourselves. It never runs out, it never ceases. Innocent blood poured out for us so that we might gain, so that we might be healed, so that we might find forgiveness though we're so undeserving.

It's beyond me how vast and selfless this love is. I, in my human-ness cannot comprehend it.

Love willing to die and suffer severely for the betterment of us, for the future of us, for the forgiveness of our sins, for the healing of our disases and for our protection. It also has provided a way for us to come before God freely, to have relationship with him and truly know Him.

How can we neglect so great a sacrifice? There is no way a price could ever be placed upon what was done for us. How can we not accept this gift of eternal life, the grace that covers our sins and frees us and allows us to enter into a relationship with our creator, king and loving savior?

May His blood be applied upon our hearts. May we not take lightly the truth of our Savior's love. May it become more real to us than the air that we breathe. Forgiveness is a powerful thing, it allows room for error or weakness and still loves us though we've failed. It does not keep a record of our wrongs. This is the truest love you will find here on earth.

How precious is the flow that makes me white as snow.

Jesus' blood never fails me.

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