Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thoughts for the day

This morning I was so delightfully greeted by a sweet and cool summer breeze when I opened my door to leave for work. How refreshing! My windows were not all fogged up from humidity, nice! And the sun seems a bit pleasing today as opposed to yesterday. Love it. And here I am sitting in an office until 5:00, at least I have windows to look out and I will seize every opportunity I can to take the mail out and check the payment box ;) I love the outdoors when it's accepting of me and does not attempt to plaster me with it's heat.

Speaking of the outdoors being accepting (that is just a figure of speech in case you're wondering) but has anyone seen "The Happening". I did and I was very displeased. I do not reccomend. I wonder if the film was really directed and written or at least funded by Al Gore. It was lame and dare I say one of the most horrible movies I've ever seen. Just a thought, haha.

Last night I'm pretty sure I had the worst migraines known to mankind. I do not know why but they were horrible. My family went to dinner to my favorite italian restaurant (Carrabas) and I was unable to join. That tells you how bad it was. I fell asleep shortly after taking about 5 advil and completely covering my head for darkness.

I am in a reflective mood today. Thinking a lot about the last couple years and how much things have changed, drastically. I do not know what the future holds, I'm not even going to try and plan it really cause it always changes. I certainly would have never imagined myself working in insurance, me?! What? Crazy enough, I am and I'm in the process of beginning to acquire my licenses for it. I don't even know how I got here.

I would have never thought that my mom would open a music venue! That alone is crazy. I love it and despite the criticism we are getting it's great. I do not understand why people have to say negative things about something that is doing good for so many. I mean no one else is reaching these kids so what is so bad about what we are doing? Yes, we allow secular bands on our stage, WE ARE NOT A CHURCH. We do not intend on being a church. We are a place where kids can come and hang out in a safe environment. We have our rules and regulations and for the most part the kids respect and abide by them. Of course there have been times where we have had to deal with issues but you'll get that anywhere. Please get off of your high horses and stop acting like we're doing something horrible.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that makes people do and say the things that we do. Aren't we supposed to be Christians? Let's start acting like it. Judging them by the way they look and act will only drive them further and further away than they already are. God doesn't wait until we're clean and pretty to take us. He takes us as we are and that is what we are supposed to do as "Christians". Love them and accept them no matter what and then when God gets a hold of them he will change their hearts and he will clean them up, that is NOT our responsibilty. We love them and then lead them. If we condemn them first then they will never follow. Love and then lead them to truth. Love conquers all things, it is what we are called to do among many other things but ifI recall correctly the Bible clearly states that "The greatest of all these is love".

I desire to demonstrate true love, accepting love and patient love.

Love, me :)

P.S. Has anyone listened to Coldplay's new cd, Viva la Vida? It's incredible! I've been listening to it non stop. How I do love that band.

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Jessica said...

Hi, Amber,

I stumbled on your blog today and really enjoyed reading it. You're a very interesting person with lots of great thoughts! I look forward to reading more.....hope that's okay!