Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Words will never hurt me?

Your words cut into me like a jagged, yet dull knife. What did I do? I'm sorry that my concerns upset you. Maybe I should not have worded it the way that i did, perhaps I could have been more gentle, couldn't we all?

I'm not right, I don't wish to be proven right.

Maybe I am a horrible, wretched, ridicuous people pleaser.
Maybe I do care a lot about what you think and about what you say, possibly too much. Which is why I recoil when you hurt me.

Those words never go away, they have a dull ring that resounds deep within.

I'm not saying I don't forgive. I do forgive but I have a hard time forgetting and thats just the truth.

Time doesn't heal ALL wounds. I'm sorry but I disagree with that infamous quote.

It takes a lot more than time.

I still love you but I'm hurt. The things you've said can never be erased.

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